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Six must-see things to do when you visit Jaisalmer

Traveling in the desert feels different as scorching heat and dryness is almost always around. The desert might not seem… Ways to Save Money on Your Weekend Travel Plans

Who says you have to spend weeks away from home in order to enjoy a vacation? There are plenty of… things you have to do in Bikaner, India

The direct train from Delhi to Jaisalmer was fully booked for at least a week ahead. That’s how I ended… Pros and Cons of travel in India

India is beautiful. It will surprise you in many pleasant and less comfortable ways. Here are some pros and cons… Ultimate Packing List for Rajasthan & Delhi, India

I learned a lot from packing too many unecessary items on journeys in the past. Having to carry an extremely… Favorite hostels in Sri Lanka

More and more hostels are opening their doors in Sri Lanka. There are all kinds of hostels in Sri Lanka:… a Two-Day Visit in Rotterdam is a good alternative to Amsterdam

“I like Rotterdam much better than Amsterdam which is too much like a postcard. It’s too cute for me. Rotterdam… Two-Day Road Trip in Northern France – Normandy & Picardy

We crossed fields, industrial complexes and many trucks and cars on the French highway. There were no traffic jams, only… Favorite Three Hostels in Anjuna – Goa, India

On my three-week visit to India, I had spent about 2 days in Mumbai before I took a night train straight… in the Maldives – Your Guide to the Best Waves in the Flower of the Indies

Imagine surfing a break all by yourself, one that has hardly ever been touched before, perhaps not even named yet….

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