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My name is Matthias Mandiau and I always have loved to travel. Since I left Belgium for an amazing trip to South-Africa in 2013, the urge of going somewhere new in the world has always been on my mind. The many stories of new friends on the road and tales of other backpacker blogs inspired me to start my own travel blog. Doing this allowed me to make proper use of my more than 10.000 photos and stories from all the places in the world where I have been to so far.

As a result, I made the decision to start traveling the world, part by part. And when I travel, I photograph my experiences and frequently write about my recent travel adventures. At the moment I am living back in Belgium, my home country. I still have 5 travel destinations to write about before I’ll start with writing about Belgium, which will be in the summer of 2018. In September, I will go back to Rajasthan to explore mighty Maharajas forts and the wild Thar desert.

Unnavigated Travel Blog

In South Africa, 2013.


Travel can be considered as a form of escapism. But think about it. Is escapism always a bad thing? Life is about finding a balance in between letting go of things and getting a tight grip on goals and responsibilities. It’s hard to find a good balance sometimes. And most of the time a balance is very much needed to find happiness in life. Travel can be a solution in order to find your inner balance.

Travel can help you out with looking at your life from a different perspective. Because it’s easier to do so if you are in a different location, out of your comfort zone. You meet new people and you’ll have many new experiences all the time. The complete participation of travel might change you. It might make you appreciate the small things in life more. Because you’ll have to live with less comfort on the road and you’ll be tired after long days. The smallest bits of comfort in such a situation are a relief. You’ll get back home afterward as a stronger person. It’s not about what travel can do to you, but what you can learn from yourself, the world and other people when you travel.

The action of leaving your home country for the horizon with a rugged backpack will probably feel like an accomplishment of happiness. But that moment of departure will only be the start of a lot more. You will come back as a more experienced and down-to-earth kind of person. And you might become lesser caring about materialism and money. Yes, traveling to the ends of the world will have a great impact on you. It might convert you into a dreamer because you have seen the good life on the road.