The Ranakpur temples in Rajasthan, India

The Ranakpur temple complex in Rajasthan, India is an ancient Jain religion site that will offer you some exquisite sights. The location of these temples is south of Jodhpur, North of Udaipur and close to the Kumbhalgarh Fort.

Here are a few reasons about why you should go there and what you can expect to find there.

Ranakpur temples
A view from one of the open windows of the main Jain temple of the Ranakpur temple complex.

Ancient Marble carvings

What’s most unique about these Jain temples of Ranakpur is that they are completely made of marble blocks.

These huge boulders of marble once (in the 15th century) were transported to the Ranakpur site, where they were placed next to or on top of each other. After this, the marble blocks were carved out by hand and resulted in stunning works of art. The construction lasted fifty years and involved 2,500 workers.

 Since then the temple complex has stood strong until the day of today. 

Ranakpur temple marble carvings
Huge blocks of marble once were transported to the Ranakpur site and there they were carved and placed on top of each other. The marble was carved out and resulted in stunning works of art.

It’s an impressive temple complex

There are 3 temples in the Ranakpur temple complex: one large main temple and 2 smaller temples. And because the temples are hidden between green trees, you won’t see how impressive they are at first glance. Wait until you walk inside and explore every corner of this temple complex in Rajasthan. Keep in mind that these Jain temples were built in the 15th century.

One of the smaller temples of the Ranakpur temple complex
One of the smaller temples of the Ranakpur temple complex

Both a tourist destination as a pilgrimage

In Ranakpur, you’ll see busses come and go with tourists and pilgrims walk or arrive and go with their own car or bike. 

The pilgrims are allowed to enter a certain area in the main temple building where tourist are not allowed to go. There often are a couple of tourists, but as Ranakpur is a bit off-the-beaten-path destination, you won’t see large groups of tourists in the Jain temple complex.

Ranakpur temples
The gardens that surround the Ranakpur temples.

A day trip from Udaipur or Jodhpur

The Ranakpur temple complex is often visited on tours with a guide. You can either book a day tour from Udaipur or Jodhpur, or you can do a longer tour that includes Ranakpur as one of its destination. Whenever you do a day tour, you there is also an option to visit the Kumbhalgarh Fort as it’s located quite close to the Ranakpur temples. As both locations are located somewhat in the middle of the distance from Udaipur and Jodhpur, it will only take half a day to visit either both or one of these places.

The natural surroundings around the Ranakpur temple complex
The natural surroundings around the Ranakpur temple complex.

The natural environment around the Ranakpur temple complex

Whilst the temples are wonderful to behold, the surroundings are stunning as well. Wilderness slowly took over the natural environment around the temple complex and the outside view of the Ranakpur temples sure are worth paying attention to.

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