I ate rice and curry for 6 months. Here’s what happened.

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I ate rice and curry for 6 months. Here’s what happened.

Yes, I was eating rice and curry about 3 times a day, last year in 2016. Do you want to know why that happened to me?

  1. Eating rice and curry is considered to be one of the national habits of Sri Lanka. That’s why it’s available for you on every street corner or local market on the magnificent island.
  2. I stayed in the country for 6 months, being a non-Sri Lankan from Belgium.

Before that, I generally always ate French, English or Italian cuisine inspired food. Because I grew up in the middle of Western Europe. But when I stayed in Sri Lanka last year, eating rice and curry became a daily habit. Thus, it was the common food on the table every day.

Eating rice and curry as a daily habit

At the time, I was living together with a local Sri Lankan host family. That’s the simple reasons why I was eating rice and curry 3 times a day. This was quite something for me to get used to in the first months. The dish contains way less meat than to what I was used to before and it involves a generous level of spiciness. Additionally, the constant presence of rice in the serving did look boring for me at first. But you’ll be amazed when I tell you about the healthy benefits of eating rice and curry. So don’t stop reading yet.

Not a boring or monotonous Dish

Eating rice and curry all the time is not boring or monotonous like some people might expect. There are so many different kinds of curries to mix up with together with the rice. The possibilities are limitless. Read all about curries here.

I am talking about remarkably tasteful, smooth curries with a beautiful variation of vegetables. Fish, chicken and sometimes even beef also decorate the dish now and then. What I preferred most was a combination of a couple of vegetable curries with a big scoop of fluffy rice. I’ll tell you that you don’t know what you have been missing if you never tried rice and curry before.
Just wait until you’ll have had your first rice and curry. You are definitely going to enjoy it. This is something you really need in your life.

Eating rice and curry on wooden table - Unnavigated

Healthy nutrients

Eating rice and curry is good for the well-being of the human body. Thus, it contains many healthy nutrients. This is because of the high percentage of healthy veggies in the curries and good carbs from the rice. Plus from the many valuable proteins from fish, chicken and from meat replacers. You’ll be amazed how tasty soy balls can be as a meat replacer. I have to admit to you that eating rice and curry on a daily base for 6 months made me feel good. My body gained a lot of extra energy.

Meat, chicken or fish

When eating rice and curry; meat, chicken or fish mainly gets used for giving a certain taste to the dish. That is a BIG difference from how we use these ingredients in our food at home. In my country, we use an abundant amount of meat as the main focus in our dish. Scientific results have proven that eating too much of the red stuff, is bad for your health. Anyways you are going to love eating rice and curry. It doesn’t matter where you are from. Trust me.

Spiciness in the morning

I have to admit to you though that I really had to get used to the spiciness when I was eating rice and curry in the morning. No bread, jam and egg for breakfast. Eating rice and curry all day long. Some days I got up early and had a lovely amount of the dish on my plate. But then I forgot about the peppery seasoning in the dish. This mainly kept my eyes weeping and my throat warm. It did take a few months for me to get used to it.

Tip: By the way, you’ll never believe why spicy food is spicy. Read all about it here.


The delicate truth of eating rice and curry as a long-term consumption is that it’s a beautiful dish that never gets boring. It contains many positive nutrients but might take some time to get used too. It sure can be addictive to turn into your new healthy habit quite soon. It’s an appetizing and healthy consequence for the necessary care of the human body.
Read all about making your own proper curries here. 

Tip: Have at least 5–7 side dishes when you are eating rice and curry. Just to make sure you’ll have a non-monotonous and tasty experience. Enjoy.


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