A Traveler’s Post-Travel Syndrome (coming back home)

A Travelers' Post-Travel Syndrome: Coming Back Home

A Traveler’s Post-Travel Syndrome (coming back home)

Coming back home from a long period of travel usually ends up to be a lot harder than you expect.
There, I said it.

When you leave your home at the start of a new adventure abroad you probably expect a culture shock. Because, when you travel, you’ll have to adapt yourself to a new environment and you’ll be meeting new people all the time from a different culture. In other words, you’ll be growing your personality. The actual reasons why you decided to go travel are because you want to see the world, explore, learn and have fun. Right? Travel is a wonderful way to get to know yourself. The real you.

When you are traveling, it doesn’t really matter how things will be when you get back home. You shouldn’t be bothering about it either because you’re having the time of your life. But I have to tell you that in the end, getting used to society again can be a struggle.

In this article, I will tell you about my experience of coming back home after a long period of travel. I gave this occurrence the name of “A travelers’ post-travel syndrome”.

Part 1: welcoming the first week back home

Whats better in life than being able to sleep in your own comfy bed? This feeling, plus getting to eat your favorite food and see your friends and family again will be a relief after a long period of travel. The first week of coming back home will be wonderful. Especially after having to miss people for a longer period, you only realize how much you really missed them when you see them again. This grows a strong bond. When you meet these people again, you feel great and time seems to stop for a short while. These are precious moments.

Getting back home from a long period of time of travel often brings up a feeling of nostalgia. Memories dating of long before your trip come to your mind and the feeling of a warm home brings up a touch of euphoria. You’ll be able to tell stories and show pictures of your travels to loved ones. It will be a wonderful thing to look back on your experiences abroad when you get back home.

Part 2: planning on how to save money for future travels

When reality touches down after a long time of travel, you will dream about traveling again in the future. It really is hard to escape this though because life back home will ask for a lot of responsibilities. You will have to plan ahead for things like how you are going to save money for your future travels. It will not always be the easiest thing to do. Getting used to society again can be difficult as it will make you sober up from your experiences abroad when you were having the time of your life. To be realistic, you’ll realize that you’ll need to save money again for your next trip sooner or later. And travel is costly, let’s not argue about that. Life at home is not cheap either having to pay for an apartment, food, pleasantries, and administrations. This is especially the case when you have to build your savings back up from the start again. You’ll have to pick up your life again and invest the effort to be able to save money on your next trip.

Part 3: being nostalgic about how good your life was as a traveler

After picking up your life again back home, you’ll get used again to the routine of your daily life. You will probably need a job to save money again. It’s a fact that you’ll be daydreaming about your travels in the past. Nostalgia will jump up in your mind whenever possible: in the train, bus, or when walking on the sidestep of the road. Relentlessly, these moments are precious as they are filled with joy.

unnavigated-back-homeHiking in the magnificent nature of Crete in Greece.

Missing the daily adventures and the ‘joy the la vie’

Having to miss the past can be quite a big deal. The daily adventures of the past with new travelers you met, the joy of travel and having almost nothing to worry about; these were great moments. It feels good to try and re-imagine those moments when you get back home. The solution: embrace these memories and dream about your future travels.

Part 4: the inevitable return of traveling the world

The moment supreme.

Months or years have past whilst you have been trying to save money for a new adventure abroad. You found a right new timing to start traveling again. The dream of it has become reality.
This feeling actually really takes off after you have clicked that button to book your plane ticket. Everything changes from this moment on because you’ll have something amazing to look forward to now. The next steps now will come down to counting down and planning your trip ahead. Because you’ll be sitting on that plane soon, living in that moment. It will feel great to be on the road again.

Anxiety will come as move closer to your date of departure.

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A Travelers’ Post-Travel Syndrome: Coming Back HomeA Travelers’ Post-Travel Syndrome: Coming Back Home

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