Many magnificent places of interest are there to be discovered in India. From the mountainous North to the tropical South there are many different kinds of cultural treasures, waiting for you to get explored.

India: Backpacking Travel Destination

Useful travel guides about India

Pros and cons of travel in India – India is beautiful. It will surprise you in many different ways, in either pleasant and less comfortable ways. Here are some pros and cons of traveling in India.

Packing list for India – This article will help you prepare for a three-to-four week visit to Rajasthan and Delhi in India. The guidelines in this article are based on my own experiences.

Mumbai city guide – Nothing can beat the cultural diversity and architectural wonders you will get to see in Mumbai. It’s a must-do adventure to walk around on foot and discover the colorful markets and old colonial remains of Bombay. The Indo-Saracenic revival architecture in Mumbai (old Bombay) is truly amazing and surely will take your breath away. This city guide will show you the best spots in the city and you will need at least a full day to complete the route.

Anjuna, Goa hostel guide – You will love Anjuna if you like the beach, the sun, good food, a relaxed vibe, and a decent party now and then. Here’s a list of my top three favorite hostels in Anjuna, Goa.

5 must-see trendy places to visit in Goa People from all over the world travel to India, and when they do, they often travel to Goa. The beautiful region of Goa is one of the most popular travel destinations in India for backpackers and other tourists. The vibe in Goa is relaxed and peaceful. Golden sandy beaches and a hot sun cover the coastal area of the province in the summertime. Goa is famous for many beautiful things.

The historic Portuguese city of Old Goa – Many magnificent places of interest are there to be discovered in India. The majestic historic city of Old Goa is a 30-minute drive from Goa’s capital city, Panjim. In the region of Old Goa, there are many beautiful old ruins, churches and monasteries dating back to the 16th century. A large number of amazing religious buildings with European architecture give Old Goa the name of “Rome of the East”.

Bikaner city travel guide – Bikaner is a good place to visit in Rajasthan and I’m pretty sure that many people underestimate the city because they don’t know about it. Most tourists skip Bikaner and travel by the famous tourist routes to Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Pushkar, and Jaipur. Here’s a list with the five things you should consider doing when you are in Bikaner, India.

Jaisalmer city travel guide – Read about Jaisalmer, the golden city of the Thar desert in Rajasthan. Here a list with six recommended things to do when you are in Jaisalmer.

Jodhpur city travel guide – Waking up early with sounds of city traffic and morning chants of nearby temples made me realize that Jodphur is not so different than Delhi. It’s the second biggest and crowded city in Rajasthan. I did not enjoy Jodhpur as much as I enjoyed other equivalent places in Rajasthan because of the abundant noises, bad smells, and dirty streets. But that doesn’t mean that this city of blue isn’t worthwhile to visit. Here is my list with recommended places to visit in the city of blue of India, Jodhpur.