South Africa

South Africa

The Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa – The wild Drakensberg mountains in South Africa turns over a scenery that is beautiful and fascinating. A sublime composition of rough peaks, deep forests, waterfalls, and rivers make this prehistoric mountain range of 620 square miles feel like an ultimate adventure destination.

Four of My Favorite Hostels in South Africa – There are quite a lot of hostels in South Africa and the quality of the stays are nearly always above average (which is good compared to some of the other countries I visited). Here’s a list of four of my favorite hostels in South Africa.

UNESCO St Lucia Wetlands – There is a beautiful place called St Lucia underneath the South African border under Mozambique. Here’s a travel guide with some short guidelines and tips about this UNESCO Heritage area of natural beauty.

Port St Johns in South Africa“I just had to dedicate a post to the little former hippie haven of Port St Johns in South Africa as the place totally blew my mind. ”

Safari Guide in South AfricaGoing on a safari is a unique experience that will allow you to see lots of wild animals in their natural habitat. As there are quite a few wildlife reserves available in South Africa and there is more than one way to do a safari, these guidelines will help you out on how to get the best safari experience in South Africa.