Rising high above a giant plain area of tropical green, the huge rock of Sigiriya still leaves many questions about how it actually got there. Being nominated as one the world’s wonders, the name Sigiriya stands for ‘lion rock’ in Sinhala. On top of this gigantic work of nature, there are ruins to be explored that date back to the early inhabited times of Sri Lanka. There used to be a palace built right on top of it.

You can either climb Sigiriya rock and explore the ruins, or you can climb Pidurangala Rock, which is a hill located just next to the lion rock. Climbing Pidurangala Rock will end up to be a lot cheaper, plus you’ll have to chance to gaze over the tropical plain with the giant lion rock in it (perfect for a picture).

Sigiriya rock is a is a 15-minute drive from Dambulla.

Sigiriya Lion Rock - Sri Lanka Travel

A view on Sigiriya rock from the Pidurangala Rock hill, which is located just next to it.

Sigiriya Lion Rock - Sri Lanka Travel

A view from the ground on the mighty lion rock in Sri Lanka.

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