In contrast to the South and West coast of Sri Lanka, Trincomalee on the East coast offers a different kind of atmosphere. The environment looks different and the beaches here are much more deserted. Trincomalee features a lot of elements from Tamil culture, that’s the reason why you’ll see a few Hindu temples now and then. Little cozy towns, amazing untouched beach areas like Nilaveli, Pigeon Island and the surfers bay of Arugam Bay can easily be reached from Trincomalee. Best practice is to take a bus from Kandy or Dambulla, straight to Trinco. As the area looks most different compared to the rest of Sri Lanka, it can be considered to be unique in its own way. Something you’ll have to see with your own eyes.

Trincomalee in Sri Lanka has several points of interest that are worth visiting: a colonial fort with a Hindu temple, a beautiful beach, colorful houses and a few good restaurants. The area of Trincomalee makes an excellent off-the-beaten-path travel destination in Sri Lanka.

The hobbit holes next to the beach in Trinco are cheap and fun to sleep in if you don’t mind a little lesser comfort for one night.

Large Shiva statue in Trincomalee - Sri Lanka Travel A large Shiva statue that is located at a famous Hindu temple in Trinco, at the top of the Trincomalee fort area.
Trincomalee - Sri Lanka Travel This is one of the hobbit holes where you can sleep in. It’s great that they are located just next to the beach in Trinco.