Welcome to Bundi: A peaceful lake city in Rajasthan, India

Lanes with eucalyptus trees on each side of the road will welcome you in Bundi, a warm Indian city in a green valley in Rajasthan.

As most tourists visit the larger cities in India, it comes as a little surprise that they rather skip a city like Bundi. It is, however, the laid-back atmosphere and authentic vibe in this off-the-beaten-path city that is perfect for a short or longer stay.

Here’s a short guide about Bundi in Rajasthan, India.

Bundi street
ABOVE: A woman and dog in one of the main streets in the West end area of Bundi.

Bundi’s serene streets for wandering

Now and then, time seems to stop in Bundi. As life here goes from day to day, the outer world doesn’t seem to have a lot of impact on the change in this Indian city.

As shops open in the morning and close their doors in the evening, every day feels similar in Bundi. It’s nice to see how people live their lives here. And unlike most vibrant cities in Rajasthan and India, Bundi has a pleasant and calm vibe that feels very welcoming.

The tiny sandy lanes that crawl upon every corner of Bundi are a delight to explore. Every corner holds a different story and most inhabitants of Bundi you come across in these lanes will kindly greet you. It almost feels like Jaisalmer, but then in a rather greener setting with surrounding hills.

Bundi man with beard
ABOVE: An enthusiastic smile of a kind man in the streets of Bundi.

BELOW: One of the many Eucalyptus trees next to a road in Bundi on the left and one of the main street gates in Bundi on the right.

A lake with many lotus plants

The best views in this Indian city are found around the Jait Sagar lake. The many lotus plants in the lake are a joy to behold as they cover 90% of the lake. It’s quite a unique thing in Rajasthan.

There is a long road around this Indian lake that’s good for a stroll. When you visit the lake around sundown, you’ll have one of the best views in Rajasthan.

Bundi lake view
ABOVE: Two Rhesus Macaques lounging near the shores of the Jait Sagar lake.
Bundi lake view
ABOVE: As the Jait Sagar lake stretches out far from West to East, the eye will be rewarded with stunning sights. As you can see, the lotus plants in the lake cover about 90% of its surface.
ABOVE: A street on the left shore of the Jait Sagar lake.
Bundi lake view
ABOVE: On the West bank of the Jait Sagar lake in Bundi, there is a summer palace called Sukh Mahal. While it is most visited during the summer, the palace fits well in its surroundings and it can be visited at any time. In the middle of the rooftop, you can see a large stone ‘umbrella’ which gives protection against the sun. It was in the Sukh Mahal palace in Bundi where Rudyard Kipling wrote “Kim” during his stay here in the 19th century. 

A romantic water basin

There is a large water basin in Bundi that lost its main use over the years as water supply options have improved in the Rajasthan region. Nowadays, the ‘Nawal Sagar’ water-filled basin is a treat to the eyes.

It’s located close to the Bundi fort and on the west side of the city centre. There are three small hindu temples located around the water basin and every perspective on this artificial lake seems to offer exquisite views.

Bundi lake view
ABOVE: A tiny building on the Nawal Sagar artificial lake in Bundi.
Bundi lake view
ABOVE: Birds landing on one of the Hindu temples around the shores of the Nawal Sagar lake. You can’t see it on this photo, but the temple is actually sunken and it only can be visited in the dry season when the water level of the lake is much lower. During most of the year, only the rooftop is sticking out of the water.

Why it’s so hard to leave Bundi

When you arrive in Bundi, you’ll notice that the people here are different. They are more at ease and friendlier than in most of the other cities in Rajasthan, India.

And also, Bundi mostly attracts tourists that prefer to stay off the beaten path. This causes an authentic vibe that can be felt throughout the city.

This is why people like to stay in Bundi for a bit longer than just a few days. It’s hard to leave Bundi because you know that other parts of India are different. Not in a bad or better way, though. Just not like Bundi.

Bundi children on the streets
ABOVE: Indian mother and children smiling for the camera.
Bundi street with woman and child
ABOVE: One of the smaller peaceful streets in the West end of Bundi. In the background, there’s the same gate as in one of the previous photos above in this post.
Bundi shop
ABOVE: An outdoor shop in Bundi.
Bundi boys on the streets
ABOVE: Young boys playing in the streets as I passed by.

Climb up the Taragarh Fort hill

Like any other fort in Rajasthan, India, the Taragarh fort in Bundi is situated on an elevated position. Whilst the higher level used to come in handy for strategic reasons, nowadays it’s just nice for good views. The strategic elevated position can also be seen at the Jodhpur Fort or the Kumbhalgarh Fort.

As Bundi is located by hills and because the Taragarh fort is located on a flank on one of those hills, you can do a nice hike here where you’ll get to the top of the Fort hill.

You first get up the fort, visit the inside of it and then you can climb all the way up to the top of the hill. It’s a challenge, but it will reward you with a sight on the stunning surroundings of Bundi.

Bundi lake and palace view
ABOVE: The Taragarh fort is located on the flank of a hill and it’s worth the visit for good sightseeing.
Bundi sky

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