9 most recommended things to do in Ella Sri Lanka

Every country needs a mountain town like Ella in Sri Lanka, where everything is at ease. The village of Ella is very cozy and the area around it is uttermost breathtaking. Surrounded by big mountains and beautiful forest, Ella is a picturesque travelers town that makes a great alternative to the tropical beaches in Sri Lanka. When it comes to good food, Ella has much to offer. Lovely restaurants, bars, and hotels offer a fine selection of Sri Lankan and Western meals. The travelers’ vibe can be found all around Ella, all you need to have a good time on your visit.

Ella Sri Lanka. Unnavigated. Ella Sri Lanka. 1041m above sea level.

The location of Ella in Sri lanka

A Viewpoint in the mountain town Ella in Sri A Viewpoint in the mountain town Ella Sri Lanka

Ella Rock

One of the best hikes in Ella is the walk up to Ella Rock. It’s the highest point in the whole area of Ella. Hiking your way up will take you about 2-3 hours. On the way to the rock, you will see a lot of the breathtaking view of the mountainous area. Grassy railroads, a beautiful waterfall, and a rubber tree forest are all there waiting for you on your way to Ella rock. Don’t forget to take good snacks and plenty of drinking water with you on your way to Ella Rock. Some people hire a guide on their way to the top, but I did the hike on my own. Figuring my way up to the top wasn’t that difficult after all and you meet other travelers on your way to Ella Rock, so you can always ask the way if you would feel lost.

A good way to do the Ella Rock hike is to get up early in the morning and have a good breakfast before you go. Later in the day the sun will be shining much harder, which will make the hike more difficult.

Ella Rock in Ella Sri Lanka. Ella Rock in Ella Sri Lanka. Credits: Flickr, Ankur P.

Demodara Nine Arch Bridge

A stunning railroad bridge with nine arches in the middle of a mountainous beautiful surrounding. Demodara nine arch bridge is a must visit if you want to take some really nice travel pictures on your trip in Sri Lanka. The bridge was built in the British colonial times and only contains bricks, concrete, and mortar. Not a single piece of metal was used to build the bridge. And still, it stands strong, 3100 meters above the sea level. If you have the time for it, do visit the Demodara Nine Arch bridge on your visit in Ella Sri Lanka.

Demodara nine arches bridge in Ella Sri Lanka. Demodara nine arches bridge in Ella Sri Lanka.

Little Adam’s peak

The easy version of Adams peak in Sri Lanka. It’s a good alternative for Ella Rock in Ella, Sri Lanka. The hike to the top of little Adam’s peak is easier than Ella rock and there are more stairs on your way to the top. In return, the view on the top of Little Adams peak is as rewarding as the view of Ella Rock.

Little Adams peak in Ella Sri Lanka. Credits: Flickr, Bamml82

Halpewatte tea factory and surrounding tea plantations

Being widespread in the Sri Lankan highlands, many tea plantations and tea factories are hard to miss. As Ella is located at the border of the Sri Lankan highlands, there are also many tea plantation in the area. Visiting a tea factory and surrounding plantation is a most recommended thing to do on your trip because tea is one of the largest export products in Sri Lanka. Generations of tea factory owners have passed their heir onto their children, which then managed the family tea factory until the Sri Lankans bought it back from the colonial British settlers. Not many things changed over time, so you’ll step right into a piece of history when you visit one of the tea factories. The evergreen beautiful tea plantations in the surroundings of Ella Sri Lanka are wonderful to visit having Ella as your home base for a few days.

One of the tea estates in Sri Lanka. One of the many tea estates in the central highlands of Sri Lanka.

The Famous train ride from/to Ella Sri Lanka

Mentioned as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world, the train ride from Ella to Haputale has build up quite a famous reputation in online reviews and images. Halputale is a small village close to Ella in the mountains of Sri Lanka. Whenever you have to chance to book this ticket, do take your chance. The slow, old train rolls through a landscape with breathtaking mountains and tea plantations in the background. It’s recommended to book a train ticket a few days in advance, because the tickets are almost always sold out.

Train to Ella Sri Lanka. Train to Ella Sri Lanka. Credits: Flickr, Ankur P

Buduruwagala Temple

In fact, Buduruwagala is a a giant rock with 7 giant stone carved statues of Buddha in a beautiful natural setting in Sri Lanka. The stone sculptures date from the 10th century and actually not many tourist visit the place. So you probably will have the whole area for yourself in peace when you visit Buduruwagala Temple, great for people that are looking for a peaceful place to visit in the area around Ella.

Buduruwagala temple, close to Ella Sri Lanka. Buduruwagala temple, close to Ella Sri Lanka.


Dhowa Ancient Rock Temple

A lovely historical place to visit when you are in Ella Sri Lanka, the ancient rock temple of Dhowa is a great spot for Sri Lankan culture & history fans. The Dowa Temple dates back to 2000 years ago and it’s situated nearby the town of Ella on the way to the waterfall. The Dhowa rock temple is famous for its large unfinished Buddha image which is carved into a rock wall. You will need about 30 minutes to explore the area of this ancient rock temple in Sri Lanka.

Dhowa temple, close to Ella Sri Lanka. Dhowa temple, close to Ella Sri Lanka.


Ella Spice Garden

Ever wanted to take a look at how different kinds of spices like cinnamon, black pepper, and cloves are being grown? Ella spice garden will provide you with a tour through their small but lovely spice garden. A vegetarian cooking class is also available to book in Ella Spice Garden if you have the time for it. Many natural Ayurvedic products that are made from the spices in the spice garden, are being sold in Ella Spice Garden’s shop. Some of these products can be a good buy for a nice souvenir to take home with you from your trip to Ella, Sri Lanka.

Ravana Ella Falls

Located quite close to Ella Sri Lanka, the Ravana falls lay in a breathtaking natural scenery. The Ravanna Ella Falls is a great place to cool off with a nice fresh swim next to big natural waterfall. Many locals also know Ravanna Ella Falls for the purpose of having a refreshing swim. In the weekends, many Sri Lankans visit Ravanna Ella Falls to cool off in the hottest hours of the day. Next to the waterfall, you will be able to find some food stalls that sell different kinds of local food, souvenirs, and fresh fruits. Just like other local markets in Sri Lanka.

Ravana falls, close to Ella Sri Lanka Ravana falls, close to Ella Sri Lanka. Credits: Flickr, Ankur P.

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