Lesotho: Travel in an African Mountain Kingdom

Lesotho, hidden away in between high peaks, is a tiny independent highland country that’s completely surrounded by the South-African expanse. Get ready for unforgettable hikes, cozy little villages with rondavel huts (read below) and breathtaking mountain views.

Travel in Lesotho is affordable, off-the-beaten-path and you can easily access the border near the Drakensberg area coming from Johannesburg or Durban.

Lesotho: An African mountain kingdom

Get ready for some mountain altitude

Altitude is what you get when you visit Lesotho.

Tip: don’t miss a trip to the Southern, Central or North-Eastern highlands!

Lesotho offers amazing mountain ranges with beautiful sights from North to South. Every corner of this country features cozy little villages with friendly people, traditional rondavels (round huts with a somewhat pointy roof) and a lot of sheep, goats, horses, and cattle. The many winding roads will get you to most corners of the country. You will need a ride and a guide for this though.

Almost every part of Lesotho is off-the-beaten-path. Almost every corner of the country is hard to reach. That’s why not a lot of travelers venture a trip in these mountains. Especially not the mass-tourism kind of traveler. You might see a tour with a few people from a hostel now and then. Lesotho is adventure travel of the best kind.

Lesotho: An African mountain kingdom

Cozy villages with rondavel houses

Lesotho holds a rural and traditional culture and the nature in this country is unimaginably beautiful. There are a lot of mountains in Lesotho and there many charming little round houses in the landscape. Some of these little round residences form villages and visiting one of these villages is a relieving experience. It’s amazing how traditional and down to earth people live in Lesotho.

A rondavel - Lesotho: An african mountain kingdomA rondavel is traditionally made with locally found raw materials. Stones are stacked up in the round walls and the mortar consists of sand, soil, or combinations of these, mixed with cow dung.

Basotho pony’s and colorful blankets

Lesotho is most famous for two things: horses (actually they’re pony’s) and villagers that wear colorful blankets over their shoulders.

Tales tell that the queen of England gave the King of Lesotho a colorful blanket as a gift. She gave him this gift when Lesotho became an independent country in 1966. Being grateful he wrapped the blanket around his shoulders. Ever since it’s been a national tradition in Lesotho to wear a colorful carpet over the shoulders.

In history, Lesotho has almost always been an independent country. The only time it wasn’t was under the British colonist rule when they conquered the southern tip of Africa.

When you visit Lesotho, you’ll see many villagers wear a blanket over their shoulder. And you’ll see a lot of these pony’s.

Lesotho cows - Lesotho: An african mountain kingdom

Hiking & adventure travel in Lesotho

Lesotho is a wonderful destination for unforgettable hikes. This African mountain range offers many stunning views and there are quite a lot of options for adventure treks.

You can either do a tour and visit a village in Lesotho. And/or you can combine this with a half-day hike. Or, you can venture this mountain kingdom on your own. Keep in mind that it’s best advised to take a guide with you. Best take someone with you that has a lot of experience with the curvy roads of this mountain kingdom.

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Lesotho: An African Mountain Kingdom
Lesotho: An African Mountain Kingdom

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