Navigating a Sabbatical: How to Make Your Dream a Reality

Working non-stop can take its toll on our lives, our careers, and our health. One sure way of improving how we feel, as well as our futures, is to take a sabbatical. Most of us can actually manage to take one if we do the right planning.

Recharging Yourself

Taking a break can have clear benefits for your physical and mental wellness, as well as your future. You may never seem to have the time to explore other aspects of your life, which might include traveling or tending to your garden. The same can go for any interest, as work can eat away the time you could dedicate to your hobbies. This can make life seem stale and repetitive, and even contribute to poor mental health and a dip in productivity. Sabbaticals can recharge your batteries and renew your overall enthusiasm. It can also give you fresh perspectives to step up your game at work. You may have the time to add more arrows to your quiver or explore alternative career paths that could enrich your whole life.

Know What It Entails

Without planning, you may find too many obstacles to fulfill your goals. What is your employer’s policy on taking a sabbatical? If they do not have one, you may need to explain why you should be allowed one, as well as the benefits it could offer. You also need to define the scope of your sabbatical. What are you looking to gain from it, and what path do you plan to take? This is vital, as it can help you prepare a budget. Depending on the scale of your break, you may require a sizeable amount of money to support yourself. There are options to supplement your budget, like freelancing or renting out property, but it’s good to have an idea of your expenses. Do you plan on traveling or spending time at home with the family? Perhaps you want to focus on going back to school or volunteering? Knowing your path helps with preparation and financing.

Using Your Property

Perhaps the most central problem is having enough money to sustain yourself while you are away from work. If you plan to travel, renting your home could be a solution. You will want to thoroughly research your options and potential rates. Websites like Airbnb, Homeaway’s VRBO, and Tripadvisor’s Flipkey can all be viable platforms, but it’s wise to delve into what each site has to offer. Thankfully, there are plenty of online guides out there that can give you insights into what it takes to transform your home and reach trustworthy renters. Deciding what you want to charge can be a challenge, so check out properties in your area, as this can help you gauge trends and make your home a competitive source of income. Before you even think about advertising, make sure there are no maintenance issues and that your property is immaculate. This can be critical to generating interest.

Preparing Your Life

Not only do you have to resolve your situation at work and with your property, but you also need to factor in any outstanding issues. You should pay off debts before heading on a sabbatical. Life has its uncertainties, and you do not know what might pop up. Paying off debts can remove financial stressors from your budgeting and keep your credit in good order. You also have to consider things like utilities. Do you intend to keep paying them if you choose to travel? What about pets, if any? Thankfully, most kennels and catteries provide long-term accommodation. Otherwise, have a trusted person take them, like a neighbor or even a house sitter.

There are plenty of ways to fund a sabbatical and get the right time off from work. Prepare yourself, consider renting out your home for a source of income, and let go. This is the best time to recharge and redefine the path of your career.

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