Take a trip to Perugia: Travel in Umbria, Italy

One of Italy’s rather unknown & often underrated destinations is located right in the middle of the region of Umbria. It crosses the river Tiber and it can be considered as an uttermost charming little medieval township. Perugia, of which you were reading, is filled with remnants of a great history. Its historical center is built on top of crawly tunnels and dusty halls that date back to the dark ages. Other than that, jumbled cobbled streets and steep stairways sided by majestic architecture make Perugia a wonderful place to walk, drink and dine around for at least a full day. Get ready to turn back in time, feel the real Italy and eat delicious pizza.

Countryside hills around Perugia - Visit Umbria, Italy

The hills that surround Perugia show the stunning beauty of the region of Umbria.

San Lorenzo Church & Palazzo dei Priori

Baroque on the outside, Gothic on the inside. The process of building San Lorenzo Church, however, still remains unfinished. The construction continued until 1587 without ever really coming to an end. At the bottom of the outer wall, you’ll see pink and white stone decorations which were originally taken from the Cathedral of Arezzo in 1335.

San Lorenzo Church in Perugia - Visit Umbria, ItalyOverlooking Piazza IV Novembre in Perugia, the medieval cathedral of San Lorenzo.

Facing the San Lorenzo church, a majestic building called the Palazzo dei Priori impressively decorates the sunny piazza area. This Gothic palace used to be the headquarters of the local authority and was constructed between the 13th and 14th century.

Today the Palazzo houses the National Gallery of Umbria on its upper floors, where a wonderful collection of artworks from the 13th to the 19th century can be found.

he Palazzo dei Priori in Perugia - Visit Umbria, ItalyThe Palazzo dei Priori is one of most well-known historical buildings in Perugia, Umbria.

San Domenico Perugia

The imposing Gothic hall-building of the Church of San Domenico, with three aisles, was used as a model of inspiration for the design of the later cathedral of San Lorenzo.

Church of San Domenico in Perugia - Visit Umbria, Italy

The church of San Domenico in Perugia with a marvelous Umbria landscape in the background.

Where to look for delicious pizza in Perugia?

In the old center of Perugia, there are quite a few good places for good pizza. Even the small shops in the side streets sell delicious square pieces. If you want over-the-top quality pizza, I recommend these restaurants:

1. Il Baco

Well hidden in Perugia’s old city center and offers lovely food, good pizza, and pasta. If you have the chance to sit outside, do so. The interior of the restaurant is rather small and it’s pleasing to have your food on the terrace outside.

2. L`Amore per la Pizza

This place has an amazing wood oven for best quality pizza. They use decent & fresh ingredients & offer fair prices.

3. On eating well

Uttermost charming and you have the option to dine underground. On eating well basically is a restaurant in a cellar that offers delicious pizza and other food. Go there once and you’ll want to eat there again. Make a reservation to be sure.

4.  La Taverna

Delicious homemade pasta’s, delightful pizzas and other food. La Taverna is a good traditional restaurant in a stunning setting.

Pizza in Perugia - Visit Umbria, ItalyYou’ll be able to find some delicious pizza in Perugia.
Take a trip to Perugia - Visit Umbria, Italy
Take a trip to Perugia - Visit Umbria, Italy

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