A letter: “my return from off the radar”

Life can take turns.

Ups and downs happen and opportunities walk past you. And, the choice of taking an opportunity, if you’re lucky, depends completely on yourself.

How have I been in the last 7 months? What happened?

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to start a new chapter of my life in a Nordic country in Europe, Sweden.

I have been doing extraordinary well. After moving to Stockholm, Sweden, I have been working as a conversion optimization specialist at the travel company TUI. I still work there in our office in Stockholm together with an amazing team of digital experts. In the meantime, during those 7 months, I contemplated this blog and its orientation towards the future.

Digital content in 2019 is abundant, often has no soul and our life is oversaturated with it. So things have to take a turn as our digital world is evolving.

There will be a new focus for Unnavigated.com.

Let’s not be a drop of water in the ocean. Let’s not drown in a digital world of meaningless content. Let’s focus on tomorrow. Let’s focus on you, who appreciates digital content that’s inspiring, meaningful and that stands out. Let’s be a change.


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