I ate rice and curry for 6 months. Here’s what happened.

Eating rice and curry about 3 times a day and for 6 months long was quite a different experience compared to the very European food I serve myself every day in Belgium. However, Changing my diet in such a drastic way didn’t completely go unplanned. I made it happen for these reasons:

  • As I was staying with a host family in Sri Lanka, I didn’t really have another choice. Or I had to be really stubborn and rude for not adapting to the local environment because eating rice and curry is considered as a famous national habit in Sri Lanka. No wonder the dish gets sold on almost every street corner or local market on this tropical island.
  • Being curious about the health benefits of eating mostly vegetarian food and rice every day, I really wanted to discover how this would impact my body and health.

Back in Belgium, I mostly enjoy French, English or Italian cuisine, because that’s the most common food around in the middle of Western Europe. In Sri Lanka, the everyday common food on the table was a new experience for me, especially the spiciness. But as everything becomes a habit, I really started to enjoy rice and curry a lot after time.

A vegetable market in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Eating rice and curry as a daily habit

My Sri Lankan host family was lovely. They were very friendly to me and as I was living together with them, I naturally joined the table with them. That’s the reason I had the chance to experience rice and curry three times a day. This was quite something for me to get used to in the first months, but after time I actually started to look forward to the meals. Rice and curry commonly contains way less meat than to what I was used to before and it involves a generous level of spiciness. Additionally, the constant presence of rice in the serving did look monotone for me at first. But it ended up to be the opposite. You’ll be amazed when I tell you about the health benefits of eating rice and curry. So don’t stop reading yet.

Not a boring or monotonous Dish

Eating rice and curry all the time is as scary or bad as maybe some might expect. There are so many different kinds of curries to mix up with the rice. The possibilities are countless.

Imagine remarkably tasteful, smooth curries with a beautiful variation of vegetables, fish, chicken and sometimes also beef. What I preferred most was a combination of mostly vegetable curries with a big scoop of fluffy rice. You don’t know what you have been missing if you never tried rice and curry before. Seriously, just wait until you’ll have had your first rice and curry. You are definitely going to enjoy it.

Rice and curry on wooden table - Unnavigated
A plate of delicious rice and curry on a wooden table.

Full of healthy nutrients

Eating rice and curry is good for the well-being of the human body because it contains many healthy nutrients. The high percentage of healthy vegetables in the curries, good carbs from the rice and valuable proteins from fish, chicken and from meat replacers cause the dish to be quite healthy. You’ll be amazed by the good taste of curry-soaked soy chunks as a meat replacer. Eating rice and curry on a daily base for 6 months made me feel good. I felt that my body gained a lot of extra energy.

Meat, chicken or fish

When eating rice and curry, meat, chicken or fish mainly gets used for giving a certain deeper flavor to the dish. That’s the major difference with how we use these ingredients in our food at home. In Belgium, we mainly use an abundant amount of meat as the main focus of our dish. Scientific results have proven that eating too much meat can be bad for your health. No problem if you love meat, however, I also enjoy a good piece now and then. But I tell you that you are going to love eating rice and curry. It doesn’t matter where you are from. Trust me.

The spiciness in the morning

I have to admit to you though that I really had to get used to the spiciness of rice and curry in the morning. No bread, jam, and eggs for breakfast. Some days I got up early and had a lovely amount of the dish on my plate. But then I forgot about the peppery seasoning in the dish. It did take a few months for me to get used to it, eating rice and curry all day long.

Tip: By the way, you’ll never believe why spicy food feels spicy in your mouth. Read all about it here.


The delicate truth of eating rice and curry as long-term food consumption is that it’s a beautiful dish that never gets boring. It contains many positive nutrients but might take some time to get used to. You even might get addicted to it. It’s an appetizing, exotic and healthy dish for the necessary care and wellbeing of the human body.
Read all about making your own proper curries here.

Tip: Have at least 5–7 side dishes when you are eating rice and curry. Just to make sure you’ll have a non-monotonous and tasty experience. Enjoy.

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