Four of My Favorite Hostels in South Africa

When I traveled for three weeks in South Africa (from Johannesburg to Durban to Port Elizabeth), I sure learned a few things.

First of all, I learned that this country at the end tip of Southern Africa is stunningly beautiful and very diverse. There are jungles, deserts, cozy little towns, mountains, pine tree forests, open landscapes, crowdy large cities and many other things in South Africa. Every end corner of this country looks different. Which makes a road trip throughout South Africa ideal as it will never get quite boring.

The second thing I learned is that the accommodation options in South Africa are wonderful. The hostels I visited on the route of the Baz Buz (a most recommended way to get around for nearly any traveler), gave me some of the best experiences I ever had with hostels.

There are quite a lot of hostels in South Africa and the quality of the stays are nearly always above average (which is good compared to some of the other countries I visited).

Here’s a list of four of my favorite hostels in South Africa.

Mantis & Moon

Never in my life have I visited a hostel constructed in a way like Mantis & Moon.

In short, this hostel is a maze of wooden paths in a tiny jungle retreat with cozy treehouses and a few main buildings. The food in Mantis & Moon is well cooked, the staff is friendly and the accommodation is of good quality. The hostel is located somewhere on the road from Durban to Port Shepstone, in Umzumbe. Right at the wild coast of South Africa. There are a few good surfing spots in the neighborhood by the way.

mantis and moon hostel south africa

The Mantis & Moon hostel in South Africa basically is a maze of wooden paths in a tiny jungle retreat with cozy treehouses and a few main buildings.

Amphitheatre backpackers lodge

Located on an idyllic piece of land that takes your breath away. The Amphitheatre backpackers lodge is must visit hostel when you’re on the road from Johannesburg to Durban or the other way around.

This hostel is a lovely place where the beers are cold, the beds are cozy and there is a camping ground with a magnificent view. It must be one of the best hostels around in the Northern Drakensberg mountains, maybe even the only one.
There are some really cool activities you can do in the area, like day-visiting the mountain kingdom of Lesotho or you can hike up to the Amphitheatre rock formation in the Northern Drakensberg.

Amphitheatre backpackers lodge - Drakensberg in South Africa hostelsThe Amphitheatre backpackers lodge is a lovely hostel where the beers are cold, the beds are cozy and there is a camping ground with a magnificent view.

Coffee Shack

“Right on the beach”. Coffee Shack is a wonderful stay in a little South African bay called “Coffee bay”.

The vibe at Coffee Shack is laid back, the staff is friendly and you can visit cliffs, a hole a the wall (??) and have a local village experience (local families get paid for the experience).

It’s a good spot to hang out for a few days and chill out in the South African way. Tip: Have a braai and meet other travelers who also can’t get enough of this backpacker hostel!

coffee bay south africa hostel coffee shack

The Coffee Shack hostel in South Africa is a wonderful hostel in a little bay called “Coffee bay”.


Port St. Johns is a tucked-in-by-jungle little village on the wild coast of South Africa. It’s situated at the mouth of the Umzimvubu River, ‘close’ to East London and Mthatha. Amapondo is a hostel in Port St. Johns that you really want to visit when you happen to be in the area. The views from the elevated camping ground upon the river are magnificent and it’s a very charming hostel to stay in.

The Amapondo hostel offers a broad selection of accommodation options and they have in-house animals that keep the place cozy. It’s a wonderful place to chill out for a few days and to do some yoga on the beach in the morning.

amapondo port st johns south africa hostelsThe Amapondo hostel in Port St Johns is a great place for hanging out a few days.


South Africa has a lot of amazing hostels to offer. As I only visited a few of them, I’m pretty sure there are many more amazing hostels in this country that are worth visiting.

I visited more amazing hostels than just the four of these, but the ones I mentioned above really got stuck in my mind. Whenever you visit South Africa, make sure you pay a visit to at least one of these three amazing hostels in South Africa.

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Four of my favorite hostels in South Africa
Four of my favorite hostels in South Africa

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