My Favorite hostels in Sri Lanka

More and more hostels are opening their doors in Sri Lanka. There are all kinds of hostels in Sri Lanka: city hostels, beach hostels, and in rural area located hostels. But you’ll find most of them located at the beach or close to a city. I Believe that not only the hostel itself will cause you to have a good stay, but also the other travelers you’ll meet in these hostels. A good hostel is a place where backpackers like to come and stay, where they have a drink together and talk about all their travel stories.

Here’s a list of my favorite five hostels in Sri Lanka.

Kandy City Monkey Hostel

When my plane touched the ground in Sri Lanka I almost immediately took a train to Colombo and then to Kandy. The train ride was uppermost beautiful. When I arrived I immediately went to the Kandy City Monkey hostel as I had made an online reservation the day before. Kandy City Monkey is a good hostel and it’s affordable.

The best thing about this hostel is that its backpacker vibe is quite vibrant and social, and you can easily make new friends in this hostel. The Kandy City Monkey hostel is on top of this list with favorite hostels in Sri Lanka because it really got stuck in my mind. The owners are very friendly and there is a good breakfast in the morning. The bunk beds are good to sleep in and there are lockers for keeping your gear locked up safe.

kandy-view-highlands-sri-lanka-unnavigatedIn Kandy, there are numerous good hostels and the beautiful surroundings of this Sri Lankan city is a delight to explore on foot.

Colombo downtown monkey

Owned by the same owner of the Kandy City Monkey, the Colombo downtown monkey hostel is located right in the deep city center of the capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo. The Colombo Downtown Monkey is a good stay for when you want to see the capital city of Sri Lanka. Its location is especially useful when you want to extend your visa for Sri Lanka (which you will have to do in Colombo).

The Colombo Downtown Monkey is a nice hostel with comfy beds and it’s not too large. It doesn’t have a central lounge where you can meet new people, but there are a table and a sofa in the main room and you’ll get a free breakfast.

sunset-colombo-sri-lanka-unnavigatedIn Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, there are only a few good hostels. The Colombo Downtown Monkey is a good hostel in Colombo that I recommend.

Hikkaduwa train hostel

When you are on your way visiting Galle, you might as well spend a few nights in Hikkaduwa. The beach in Hikkaduwa is pretty good and there is a beach club that’s worth going to if you like to party. In Hikkaduwa, I recommend the Hikkaduwa train hostel. It’s a cozy place with a positive travelers vibe and there are good restaurants in the neighborhood. The beach is only a few minutes away and you can easily stroll to any point in Hikkaduwa having this hostel as your starting point. The beds are good and the hostel is located in a charming little house.

Sri Lanka SunsetThe beach in Hikkaduwa is pretty good and there is a beach club that’s worth going to if you like to party. I recommend the Hikkaduwa train hostel because it’s a good hostel and it’s located close to the beach.

New Negombo beach hostel

Flying to Sri Lanka will bring you to the Bandaranaike airport, which is located close to Negombo. When you have to catch a flight in the morning, it’s convenient to stay over the night in Negombo. The New Negombo beach hostel is a cheap and good hostel that’s perfect for 1 or more days. It’s a charming hostel as well and it’s located close to the beach. In Negombo, you’ll get to see splendid sunsets and there is a famous fish market. Negombo is perfect for a couple of days of good life at the beach.

color-sky-sunset-sri-lanka-unnavigatedThe sunsets in Negombo are breathtaking. You’ll find a good amount of proper hostels in the city center near the beach.

Arugam Bay: Ranga’s Beach Hut

When you love to surf and you will be staying in Sri Lanka for a while, you will love Arugam Bay. This little surfers harbor has a couple of good surf spots and there are quite a few places where you can stay. My favorite place was Ranga’s Beach Hut. There are treehouses here and it’s located just next to the beach. There is a comfy outdoor chillout place and a good restaurant and this hostel actually consists of little huts and places where you can sit. It’s an interesting place that’s just a small leap away from the Arugam bay city center. Ranga’s beach hut is a place where you easily stay for a couple weeks and where you can learn how to properly surf in Arugam Bay.

sunset-ocean-sri-lanka-unnavigatedArugam is a surfers bay in the east end of Sri Lanka. You’ll find a lot of good hostels in this area not too far from the beach. Ranga’s Beach Hut is a hostel in Arugam bay that I recommend.

Conclusion: hostels in Sri Lanka

There are a lot of good hostels in Sri Lanka. I listed 5 of my favorite hostels in this list, but keep in mind that there are also many other good hostels on the island. You’ll find more hostels in tourist areas like on the south coast. If you go to the north of Sri Lanka, there are only very few hostels, but you’ll find good and afforable guest houses there.

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