23 travel pictures that will make you go backpacking in Sri Lanka

Many astonishing natural landscapes are there to be explored in Sri Lanka. And the best part is that all these breathtaking sceneries are waiting for you to be photographed. I took advantage of these opportunities when I visited Sri Lanka and I collected some of my best travel pictures from my trip in 2016 in this article. I want to convince you to go there with these travel pictures. These 23 images of Sri Lanka will show some of the best views I encountered. Hopefully, they will stimulate you in a way that you’ll want to go there.

flag-beach-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23-travel-pictures

23 travel pictures of tropical Sri Lanka

During my trip, I was immediately astonished by the beauty of the tropical nature of the island.

Think of 50 shades of green, coconut palm trees are everywhere and beaches that seem to be coming from a lovely dream. Many beautiful views are all there for you to behold when you visit the country. And, that is the exact reason why I took so many travel pictures on my backpacking journey in Sri Lanka. You’ll be impressed by the beauty of the island in no time. Furthermore, you will already be amazed in the air before landing at Bandaranaike International Airport. You’ll have to look outside of the plane window for that though.

Tip: you are never going to forget the spectacular sunsets at Sri Lankan’s west coast. So, make sure you take your camera with you and make some amazing looking travel pictures.

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surf-beach-sunset-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures Weligama surf beach during sunset.
color-sky-sunset-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures Negombo Beach during a superb sunset.
chill-hammock-beach-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures Relaxed ocean view from a hammock, Tangalle beach.
chill-beach-hut-tangalle-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23-travel-pictures Tangalle, restaurant on a beach.
beautiful-beach-ocean-sunset-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures Another stunning view of Negombo beach during sunset.
tea-estate-highlands-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures One of my best travel pictures of a tea estate in the highlands of Sri Lanka
lake-trees-sri-lanka 23-travel-pictures Lake scenery view from a bus in the highlands of Sri Lanka.
kids-palmtrees-street-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures Kids in uniform walking to school surrounded by coconut palms, Melsiripura
ella-viewpoint-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23-travel-pictures Also one of my better travel pictures: Breathtaking Ella viewpoint in Sri Lankan highlands.
sunset-man-running-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures Another beautiful view of the Negombo ocean sunset.
beach-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23-travel-pictures A sandy beach close to Negombo.
beach-palmtrees-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures A sunny day a Tangalle beach.
coconut-palm-estate-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures Coconut palm estate, Melsiripura.
ella-rock-view-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures View from Ella Rock in Sri Lankan Highlands.
mountain-view-ella-sri-lanka-unnavigated. 23 travel pictures Climbing Ella rock
rubber-trees-ella-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures Rubber tree forest on the way to Ella rock.
sunset-colombo-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures Beautiful ocean view sunset in Sri Lanka’s capital city, Colombo.
lion-rock-sigiriya-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures Pidurangala Rock, view on Sigiriya rock.
sunset-ocean-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures Sunset view from a beach close to Colombo.
adams-peak-clouds-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures Adam’s peak in the clouds in central Sri Lankan highlands.
sunset-street-sri-lanka-unnavigated 23 travel pictures Road works on a street in Melsiripura during sunset.

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