Five places in India you should visit in September

When you travel to India in September, then the Northern states like Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh are great for visiting. However, India is a huge country and there are other destinations in India that are perfect for visiting in September too.

For instance, Rajasthan, the desert state of India. September is a good month there for travel because it’s a shoulder season month. As the travel season just gets started, hotels and guesthouses offer good prices. Also, the activities you can do in Rajasthan in September will be less crowded. Some of the activities you can in Rajasthan in September are a desert safari, a camel ride with desert camping and dinner, quad driving or a jeep drive in the desert.


If you are looking forward to desert activities in India in September, Jaisalmer will be a pleasant destination. It’s a popular city in the Thar desert with a huge fort and a large water basin lake. It’s often called the golden city because of all the sandstone colored houses and the fort.

In September, Jaisalmer is a good travel destination in India because it’s less crowded and the activities are therefore more fun. Also, the guesthouses are less crowded and the prices are better.

Street music artist in Jaisalmer
ABOVE: Inside of the ‘Golden’ fort in Jaisalmer, there are many tiny streets with some street musicians and cozy shops. It’s recommended to take your time so you can explore it and see all the nice corners.


There is no other place in India like Pushkar, a holy pilgrim and backpackers’ destination with a laid back vibe. Visiting Pushkar in September is perfect because it’s not that crowded and there are many rooms available. You can get to Pushkar by traveling to Ajmer first. There are some good restaurants and nice markets in Pushkar. Tip: A walk around the holy lake will give you the best views.

Pushkar ghats at the lake side
ABOVE: Around the holy lake in Pushkar, you will see a lot of interesting sceneries. This photo was taken on the East side of the lake, where most shops, restaurants, and guesthouses are located.


When you are in India, Jodhpur will be a good destination to pass through when you are close to Udaipur and Jaisalmer. It’s famous for its large fort and blue painted houses. It’s a good city for passing through in September as there will be fewer tourists. You’ll need about 1-2 days to fully enjoy the city and its surroundings.

Jodhpur fort: man smoking pipe in september, India.
ABOVE: Inside of the Jodhpur fort you can do a nice sightseeing tour.


If you like to learn how to craft jewels and spend some time in a laid back vibe nice town surrounded with green hills, then Bundi is a perfect travel destination in India for you. There are some shops that are happy to teach you how to work with silver. There are some cozy restaurants and nice guesthouses that might make you want to stay for a bit longer than just a couple of days. Other than what’s stated above here, there is also a fort in Bundi. It’s located on top of the hill flank next to the city. On the Northside of Bundi, there is a large lake that’s beautiful. And it’s located close enough so you can just walk there from the city center.

Bundi lake India september
ABOVE: The Jait Sagar lake in Northeast of Bundi is a large water basin with many lotuses. It offers nice views so it’s recommended to walk a bit around it.


This Indian lake city will please you in different surprising ways. It’s surrounded by the green Aravalli Hills. And, there is a large lake in the middle Udaipur that offers exquisite views. A boat ride on this lake can be a very fun activity when you are visiting Udaipur in September. There are many cozy shops and guesthouses that will be pleasantly less crowded because of the shoulder season. You will need about 1-3 days to fully explore Udaipur in all its glory.

Saheliyon-Ki-Bari pond with fontains
ABOVE: The Garden of the Maidens is a popular place to visit in Udaipur. It’s located North of the city and has fountains, a large pond with lotuses and marble statues.


This is another Indian desert city you will enjoy in September. It’s less well known as Jaisalmer, which makes it less touristy and more authentic Indian. You can do wonderful camel safaris close to Bikaner and there is also a famous rat temple you can visit. Bikaner is located in the center of Delhi and Jaisalmer, which can make it an ideal stop location for when you don’t want to travel too long distances in one go.

Visiting the rat temple in September, close to Bikaner, India.
ABOVE: The well-known rat temple close to Bikaner is a fun location to explore. If, however, you are not too afraid of many rats crawling around everywhere.

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  1. India is such a magnificent place that every season and every month has something new to offer to us. I enjoyed reading this list and I am surely gonna explore such places.
    Thanks for sharing this!!!

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