Review: A World Map wall decoration

A new trend of home interiors of travel fanatics nowadays are worldmaps against the wall. There are many kinds and sizes of world maps. You can get one for about any type of home interior.

When you are planning your journey ahead, you will be dreaming about how your trip will be. And this when it’s a lot of fun to glaze at a world map at home. Read along with the article below to find out about different types of world maps.

Different materials

A world map can be printed on a lot of different materials. Think about a photo on wood, a poster, aluminum or glass for example. But you can also order a world map on a canvas.

Each of these materials has its own character. And, they will fit in perfectly in most homes. Glas is rather modern and wood feels more rural. A world map on aluminum is least said quite industrial.

By choosing the right material that fits with your style, the world map will be a true added value in your interior. 

world map

Unique world maps

Not only the material is what is most important when it comes to world maps. There are also many different kinds of world maps. Like for instance, the historical world map. This world map has a unique vintage look and it’s a fun decoration for about any wall. Or, you could choose a trendy world map. This world map offers trendy designs. There are many other kinds as well like dotted world maps and those made with water paint.

Trendy world maps are more about the design, not about the information on the world map. So, if you prefer to have more info on it, then it’s better you choose a geographical world map with the names of countries and cities.

Large world maps

For everyone that is looking for a decent world map, why don’t you consider to get a large world map?

A large world map against the wall can be a very nice piece of wall decoration as it can completely fill your wall. A nice way to add such a large world map to your wall is to apply world map wallpaper. It might sound a bit much, a full wall filled with a world map pattern, but the result can be truly stunning. Especially when you choose for a world map with soft pastel colors.


You can use the world map for indicating the places in the world where you want to go or where you have already been.

I recommend this cork wood world map for any dreamer of travel and for every traveler that loves to keep an overview of where she/he has been to in the past and where she/he will go in the future. Other than that, this world map is also a lovely piece of decoration for the most living rooms.

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