Review: A Cork Wood World Map

Planning your journey ahead is an important thing you do before packing your bags. And when you do, it’s almost inevitable that you will be dreaming about how your trip will be. Dreaming ahead is one of the most wonderful things to do by my opinion. It really helps to have visual overview somewhere of all the places you have been to before and about all the places you where you still want to go.

You can either use an online tool like Google Maps for this, where you can save all the places you have been to in the past as your ‘favorites’. It’s a fun way to have an overview, but there are visually way better ways for this in a non-digital way.

Having a cork wood world map on your wall in the living room is such an example. Other examples of good locations for this are in the small room or above your bed. What’s better than sitting down and gazing dreamingly onto a world map with all the destinations you’ve been to yet before?

Review: cork wood world map xlHaving a cork wood world map on your wall is a wonderful thing. It makes you dream where you still want to go in the future and brings nostalgia about your travels in the past.

A lovely cork world map at home

Dreaming ahead towards your trip will feel much more complete when you have a lovely world map at home. Every time you walk past it, stare at it from a distance or catch a glimpse of it in your eye, you will think about your travels in the past and future.

I found a wonderful cork wood world map that allows me to keep track of my travels in the past. I also have pins in the places where I still want to go in the future or where I am already planning to go. My own world map is made out of cork wood and it looks stunning on the wall. The material feels durable and the pins are included in the delivered package, which is very convenient. I will keep growing the number of pins on my world map so that in a few years it will be an amazing sight. The brown colors of my world map match pretty well with the white walls in my apartment and the rest of my furniture.

I got my world map from this provider: (keep in mind this is a Dutch site, however).

This webshop is a sister company of (also a site in Dutch). and it offers a various amount of decent world maps for a good price.

Review: A cork wood world mapYou can use the pins that are in included with the map for indicating the places you want to go in the world and where you have been to in the past.

The pros are that you can keep track of your travels in the past, and you’ll be able to pin your future travel dreams by using this world map. It sure looks great on any wall (especially on white walls) and it’s durable. The world map is affordable and the pins are included in the package, which makes it a great deal to buy.

The cons are that you’ll need to find a place for it in your house or apartment, because of it’s larger size (90×60). It needs to look good in right place. Another con is that you’ll probably find yourself dreaming about your travels all the time as if you walk past this world map, you will struggle not to think of travel. This can also be considered as a good thing.

I recommend this cork wood world map for any dreamer of travel and for every traveler that loves to keep an overview of where she/he has been to in the past and where she/he will go in the future. Other than that, this world map is also a lovely piece of decoration for the most living rooms.

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