Travel Resources

Whenever you are in need of planning your next journey, the collection of travel guides collected on this page might come in handy. These travel resources compromise articles about cheaper travel, travel gear reviews, accommodation, travel insurance and more.

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My travel Gear

Travel light, but take with you what’s convenient and necessary. Bringing the right travel accessories can mean a world of difference. This travel guide will show you what stuff I bring with me on my journeys. 

Travel Insurance

Traveling the world will probably be one of the greatest things you will ever do. But, whenever you do so, you better make sure you’re properly covered by travel insurance. I can recommend a very good travel insurance option that will suit your needs.

Accommodation Guides

There are many right and wrongs when it comes to travel accommodation. You’ll want to stay in nice, affordable place that you can use as a home base for all your adventurous missions when you travel the world.

This travel accommodation guide will help you out with finding the right accommodation that suits your needs.